About B.B.

Gomer-Pyles-Christmas-AG-Edited Framed
Where it all began…

Brien “B.B.” Hudspeth is a film producer, entertainer, speaker, impressionist, collector, and the creator of Old West legend, Scrappy Higgins. His work has been showcased in museums and featured in various publications.

Hudspeth first experienced the excitement of the stage as a middle schooler in Birmingham, Alabama by winning an audition for the lead character, Charles, in the play, “The Night of the Ghost.” His favorite class, creative writing, would be pivotal to Hudspeth’s creativity and opportunities as he discovered his ability of mimicking voices one morning while riding to school with his dad. After receiving praise from his father for an impressive first attempt impression of the character Gomer Pyle, made famous by actor Jim Nabors, Hudspeth performed his first show as an impressionist just a few months later. (Listen to Hudspeth’s Gomer Pyle impression while he shares the story in a radio interview).  To create ways to use his new talent, Hudspeth wrote, cast, directed, and performed plays based on his favorite TV characters for local establishments in his hometown of Guntersville, Alabama at Christmas. He continued adding voices and performing throughout high school, including leading roles in theatre. He portrayed Dick Foster in Give My Regards to Broadway and won Best Actor as Martin Vanderhof in You Can’t Take it With You. A three sport athlete in both high school and college, Hudspeth earned a track scholarship to Samford University and was active as a news broadcaster with the school’s radio station, WVSU. At Maryville College, he won the football team’s talent show each year and was called to the stage to perform impressions of his coaches at the school’s sports banquets.

Largely influenced by television’s “Golden Age,” today, Hudspeth weaves the messages of personal triumph and dedication of entertainment legends we fondly remember. His ability to tailor to his clients’ needs makes for an entertaining, relevant, and motivational occasion for all audiences. Guests are often outspoken and impressed by both his authentic impressions and his historical knowledge behind the characters. Hudspeth is an executive producer for the Mayberry Man movie, a tribute to The Andy Griffith Show, which was released in theaters in September 2021. He is a member of the Western Writers of America, Academy of Western Artists, and National Speakers Association and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.